Contributed by Nima Sharif

California Chronicle

June 06, 2006

Apparently, the State Department has come up with a suggestion to join its European allies in talks with Iran in order to rectify the “nuclear situation diplomatically.”

The Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, in her statement suggested that US would join the talks provided Iran “stopped enriching uranium.”

The mullahs’ have officially declined.

The advocates of appeasement policy are still trying to make pretence that the mullahs are somewhat prone to talks. They say that if the mullahs were just a little flexible, there would have been no need to refer matters to the Security Council.

But the mullahs have no doubt and know well that backing down from what guarantees security to the regime, will be suicide.

If the mullahs had the capacity to back down, it would have been much wiser to do it a year or even three months ago when the Security Council was not involved yet. Backing down from were they stand right now would be quite humiliating.

Mullahs’ Foreign Minister’s out of control and angry reactions is a proof to this reality. While all the participants in the face-off welcomed the US proposal and invited the mullahs to take the opportunity, Iran’s Foreign Minister, Manoucher Mottaki, rejected the US proposal saying, “the talks should take place under the conditions we have set forth.”

Anyhow, what the world is experimenting with again has obviously been tested many times before and it has proven to be fruitless all along. What the Iranian regime would receive from this kind of suggestions is “precious time” which is what it needs the most.

Time will bring the mullahs closer to nuclear bomb. The mullahs’ want to take the carrots, dodge the stick and bite the hands giving them the sweets all at the same time.

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