About Us!

NEPR is a Near East policy research organization dedicated to informing and stimulating the debate on Near East policy issues of critical importance to the policy makers and analysts. NEPR focuses on issues of human rights, regional threats such as terrorism and nuclear proliferation, spread of religious extremism, efforts on democratization, and economic challenges.

NEPR works with policymakers, scholars, and public interest groups around the country to design, execute, and disseminate research that illuminates economics and foreign policy issues affecting the countries in the Near East region and and to build a network of individuals and organizations that conduct and use Near East policy research.

NEPR current approach is to:

  • 1

    monitor the regional developments and policy initiatives in US government and the relevant countries.

  • 2

    commission and conduct research on relevant topics.

  • 3
    disseminate and promote the findings of researc.
  • 4

    organize specialist seminars and conferences.

  • 5
    work with Congress, officials and others to improve the quality of Government policy making and legislation on Near East countries.
  • 6

    use the news media to stimulate wider public debate about the policy implications of new developments in the region.

Our Members

Our Members

Ali Safavi


  • Jubin Afshar, Middle East Studies
  • Phillip Laith, Near East and South Asia
  • Nima Sharif, Human Rights Issues
  • Hamid Yazdan, JD, International Law
  • Amir Emadi, Director of Special Projects