Iran’s nationwide uprising entered its 121st day, today. At around 9 am local time on Saturday morning, approximately 500 members of ordinary inmates held in the regime’s prison rallied outside the mullahs’ so-called judiciary building protesting the conditions of their jailed loved ones. These family members had traveled to the Iranian capital from different and faraway cities. Some children were seen holding placards reading: “Don’t execute my father!” Authorities dispatched security forces to disperse the crowd based on the bogus pretext that the judiciary is closed today. Last night In Sarableh, Ilam Province, western Iran, protesters chanted: “We vow on the blood of our fallen compatriots that we will stand to the end!” In Zanjan, northwest Iran, employees of the Jahan Vegetable Oil Company held a protest rally outside the regime’s governorate office. In Karaj, west of Tehran, protesters set fire to the entrance of a local IRGC paramilitary Basij base. In Sanandaj the capital of Kurdistan Province, courageous youths blinded the surveillance camera of Khamenei’s repressive forces which was installed in the city’s Madar square. In the capital Tehran’s Abazar district, locals protested against the regime’s repressive forces and chanted: “Death to the shameful army, death to Khamenei death to Basijis.” In Qeshm Island, southern Iran, brave protesters shot red paint on the forehead of Khamenei’s large propaganda poster which was installed next to the regime’s public prosecutor’s office. Also in Tehran’s Phase 3 Andisheh district, the entrance of Khamenei’s Friday Prayer leader’s office was turned red color by locals. Reacting to the execution of a former Iran regime’s official, NCRI’s president-elect Mrs. Maryam Rajavi said, “Ex-deputy defense minister Alireza Akbari’s abhorrent execution, in his own words among IRGC commanders in the Iran-Iraq war & of Badr Brigade, showed the savagery of Khamenei & Raisi toward even their closest operatives. UK must shut down the regime’s embassy & cut off ties with it.

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