Iran’s nationwide uprising is pushing into its 56th day on Thursday following a busy night of anti-regime protest rallies in numerous cities across the country and many districts throughout the capital Tehran.

On Thursday, protests began with strikes in Mahabad after a night of intense protests. Complimentary reports from this restive city in West Azerbaijan Province of northwest Iran indicate locals taking to the streets and starting to establish roadblocks.

In the city of Marivan, locals gathered to mark the 40th day of Mokhtar Ahmadi’s murder by the regime’s security forces. Such ceremonies are becoming scenes of anti-regime protests.

Reports from Mashhad in northeast Iran indicate the regime’s government spokesperson visited the local Ferdowsi University only to be jeered by the brave students.

In Shiraz, south-central Iran, authorities arrested Elham Afkari, the sister of Iran’s executed national wrestling hero Navid Afkari along with her husband and three-year-old child, who was later released. Afkari remains in the custody of the regime’s Intelligence Ministry, and her elderly parents went to a government facility today seeking answers about their daughter’s condition and whereabouts.

Students of the Applied Science University of Culture and Art held an anti-regime gathering today and sang a revolutionary song they had composed together.

In Zahedan, the regime has imposed an unannounced martial law with military forces stationed in the streets.

In Tehran, protesters torched another statue of the eliminated IRGC Qods force terror chieftain, Qassem Soleimani, in the city’s Argentine Square. Protesters in the cities of Isfahan and Yazdanshahr threw Molotov cocktails at IRGC paramilitary Basij Force bases. Currently, protest reports are coming in from various neighborhoods of Tehran, such as Ektabatan, and many other cities, including Qom, central Iran, Sanandaj, west, Ahvaz, southwest, and Marivan, west. where people are chanting, “death to the dictator, tanks, guns are no longer effective, the mullahs must get lost,” and “have no fear, we are all together.”

Turkmans in Golestan Province, northern Iran, joined the nationwide uprising today in support of the people of Zahedan.

In Salmas, west Azerbaijan province, a Basij base was set on fire by defiant youths.

Security forces attacked a women’s dormitory in Kerman Medical School and shot several women students with pellets.

Protesters have called for a nationwide presence in the streets on November 15, marking the start of the 2019 November uprising.

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