Evaluating Nuclear Agreement With Iran

  Preliminary Observations: 1) The agreement does not prevent the Iranian regime from having a nuclear weapons capability. 2) It maintains and legitimizes Iran’s nuclear infrastructure., with some caps for the next 10 to 15 years. 3) [...]

A Brief on the 9th Badr Corps (Brigade), September 2001

Introduction: In the latest revelation about Tehran’s increasing meddling in Iraq through its proxy groups, Iraq’s national intelligence chief Mohammed al-Shahwani accused Iran's Baghdad embassy of masterminding an assassination campaign that has seen 18 intelligence agents killed [...]

Beware of Misnomers in Iran’s Politics

By Ali Safavi Autumn of 2000 "Reformers" and "conservatives" have gained broad acceptance outside Iran as correct terms to describe the two feuding factions within the ruling clerical establishment in Iran. They are misnomers, however, [...]

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